Family Lawyer in Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas family lawyer William B. Doonan is the best choice for legal representation concerning all family matters. He has experience and knowledge in all aspects of family law, from the happy times of celebrating an adoption to the distressing time of divorce or custody battles. Mr. Doonan can represent you in all matters of family law pertaining to the following:
Child Support
Probate and Wills
Entrust the outcome of your family matters with one of the top family lawyers in Texas and call the Law Offices of William B. Doonan.

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Adoption
  • Child support
  • Enforcement
  • Guardianship
  • Probate and Wills

When stressful family situations seem to overtake you, it’s time to consult with legal representation who will fight in your corner. He is passionate about being a family lawyer that will get you what you deserve. Not only will Mr. Doonan effectively work for you to bring about the desired results, but he also understands what an emotional and stressful time this can be for you and your loved ones. He seeks to support and guide you in legal matters, standing by his clients every step of the way, from paperwork all the way through completion of a trial. Mr. Doonan is a superb family lawyer in Midland, Texas who advocates for his clients.

While finding a compassionate and understanding family lawyer can be challenging, couple that with one who has a vast amount of training and experience can be even harder. William B. Doonan not only possesses caring qualities, but he is also an expert in his field. He has the honored distinction of being a Board Certified family lawyer in the state of Texas, meaning that he has displayed a spectacular knowledge of all things pertaining to family law. He uses his expert skill set to get results.

Previous and current clients will tell you that Mr. Doonan is one of the best family lawyers to have representing you in Midland. Exemplary client testimonials prove that he a top choice when hiring a family lawyer. Any lawyer can argue your case, but only the most experienced and knowledgeable can assist you in a positive outcome while truly caring about your case. William B. Doonan is committed to both supporting his clients through trying times and aggressively pursuing the desired results. Trust you family issues to only the very best Midland, Texas family lawyer and contact the Law Offices of William B. Doonan today.

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